The Rocket is back.....yes and tell readers of Spartan Nation something that they didn't know weeks ago.

Hondo S. Carpenter

I guess the readers of Spartan Nation are just plain smarter? "Hondo, why is everyone making such a big deal about Roger Clemens coming back? You told us that weeks ago?" Phil-Lansing

Your right Phil I did. This was not a secret. Anyone who had sources at or near Roger new this. I not only reported it, I said: "it is a gurantee that Roger will be back with the Astros. He wants to be there and is giving the other three teams "publicity" notice for them only. They know it and so does anyone close" that is from my blog.

Anyways, he is back and that is all that matters. By the way here is a great read about the Rocket and his son. You will really enjoy it:


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