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The Spartan Nation Losses One of Our Own: Sr. Photographer/Writer Bill Marklevits Has Passed Away Here in Indianapolis

It is with a sad heart that I sit at my computer and write this. Spartan Nation Senior Photographer and writer Bill Marklevits has passed away here in Indianapolis.

Bill was born on April 21, 1956 and has worked with us at Spartan Nation since 2005. He passed away on March 10, 2012. He was a great friend, super father and loving son.

On the one-year anniversary of Spartan Nation Magazine I wrote this about Bill, “There are some friends who come and bail you out when you have trouble. Then there are those who are like brothers who ask what did we do to get into this mess. Bill Marklevits is the one who is like a brother.”

Bill was critical in the launching of Spartan Nation Magazine and the constant upgrades and work on our site and was a frequent contributor on the radio show.

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I went on to praise him and thank him for his hard work. Even with his passing I still feel the same.

In a few hours we will watch and cover Michigan State in the finals of the Big Ten Tournament. For now we take these few hours and deal with the profound sadness of the loss of our colleague, friend and in my case a buddy.

He died of natural causes according to his mother, who was told that by the Indianapolis Authorities.

We love you Bill! Gone to soon.

Please keep his entire family and those of us that worked with him and knew him so well in your prayers.