Tigers are interested in Nationals Johnson, another Spartan Nation exclusive

Hondo S. Carpenter

As the trade deadline now stands at about 1 month away Spartan Nation once again brings you a scoop. If you recall we where the first to report that the Tigers had talked with the Phillies about Bobby Abreu and tonight we give you another scoop.

The Tigers have talked with the Nationals about acquiring Nick Johnson, the left handed batting and first base playing type of guy they need. He has the rest of this season and two more left and has an amazing OBP. This would be a great get for our Tigers.

My source who also informed me of many other issues that we have broke, went on to say: "the Tigers seem really upbeat that they can win it, and want him. It all comes down to the Nationals getting the most they can. One thing I can tell you Hondo, is that Dombrowski isn't afraid to make a deal, but he won't mortgage the farm."

Remember that you read it here first. 



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