Tigers bullpen smells like Bull****!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Tigers bullpen smells like Bull****

There you go again Tigers bullpen. Once again (continuing a 2-year trend) Nate Robertson pitches well and fails to get the win either because of the bullpen or his teammates lake of run support.

The Tigers came into this 3 game series with the White Sox leading the division and desperately needing to stop the spiraling of bad baseball. Once again they didn’t. They should have won 2 of 3 from the Red Sox and the bullpen flopped. They should have spit the series with the Yankees and the bullpen flopped. Now they lose game one when the bullpen took a crap and they area stuck with a Herculean task of taking the next 2 against the world champions.

The Tigers are a good ball club but this is unacceptable. Now Todd Jones has rubbed off on Rodney and this is not acceptable. To his credit Rodney has not had a mistake like this all season but he shouldn’t have last night.Â

Michael Jordan always said that big players make the big plays, I guess the Tigers are lacking that in there top two closers: Rodney and Jones. Let Zumaya learn, let Zumaya close some stuff out, at least with him he has the “rookie” excuse and he at least has a bull dog mentality with one of the best young arms in all of baseball.

Speaking of great young arms, Verlander pitches tonight in what should be a great match up.


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