Top Two Meeechigan Candidates Say Thanks, But No Thanks

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As many of you know, I am a musician in addition to my day job and the work I do for I am writing a new song called “In The Land of the Wolverine There Are Problems.” It sounds a lot more impressive when you hear me sing this tune. I have been meandering around my house today doing odd jobs. My laundry is overflowing. I got a pot of chicken soup on the stove and my laptop is firmly dialed into every Wolverine and Tiger message board.

If you are a Michigan or an LSU fan, you have been on the edge of your seat all day long. Kirk Herbstreit reported that Les Miles was on his way to Ann Arbor earlier this morning while folks over at various Michigan media sites are now reporting that Les Miles has turned down his alma mater to stay in Baton Rouge.

This will be the second coach this week that has turned down the Michigan job in favor of their current position. Kirk Ferentz decided to stay in Iowa City. It is rumored that Coach Miles has been given an incredible sum of money that Michigan was not prepared to match. Sources close to have confirmed that Miles new contract with LSU will make him among the highest paid coaches in the country.

The great Meeechigan media machine will try to somehow spin this story so that the public is lead to believe that neither Ferentz nor Miles were formally offered the job. To the Wolverine machine, I say spin it however you want. Your top two guys have said thanks, but no thanks.

Recruits that have previously committed to the Wolverines are now wondering about the next saga in this coaching carousel. Many have remained committed to Michigan knowing that Les Miles’ return to Ann Arbor was inevitable. Ron English who has been known for his success on the Wolverine recruiting trail, was rumored to be all but dumped by the Michigan football program. Earlier today ESPN reported that John Tenuta would in fact be joining Les Miles in Ann Arbor. This would have put English squarely on the outside of the Michigan program. It sent a valuable lesson to recruits loyal to English that Michigan is in fact not loyal to Ron.

Miles and Ferentz have figured out what many of us have known for a long time, the Michigan job just isn’t what it used to be. Jim Tressel and Mark Dantonio both have it in for their Wolverine foe and the recruiting wars around Ohio and Michigan are much tighter than they are in the states of Louisiana and Iowa. Both LSU and Iowa are the only show in their respective states unless you want to take the leap in favor of LaTech and ISU. ISU has beaten the Hawkeyes recently, but I expect that to be short lived with Ferentz firmly at the helm.

So, who is next? Mike DeBord… Ron English…Greg Schiano… the list is getting shorter all the time. I just wonder how long it will be before that big blue panic button is hit and Martin tries to sell the Wolverine faithful on Mike DeBord. It is a good day to be a Tiger; it is a better day to be a Spartan.