Upon further review, the Lions…

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Upon further review, the Lions…          Â

Did a good job on the Cory Redding contract. Now let me explain something. Cory is a hard worker and dedicated. He also under the tutelage of Rod Marinelli grew exponentially. Now I can tell you that when I first saw the numbers, I was shocked and my initial reaction was that they way over paid.

My initial reaction was wrong. Saying that they way over paid could be an argument but here is why I disagree with it.Â


  1. The Lions have $18 million of the money back loaded in the last three years of the deal. If Redding fails to perform, they can afford to cut him and not suffer the burn.
  2. If you are going to make a mistake, then you make it with a guy that has the work ethic and commitment that at least offers some insurance for the team. Redding doesn’t just like Marinelli; it is a much deeper relationship than that. There is a large amount of personal respect between them and he is willing to do whatever coach wants.
  3. If you look at the market, and what the DT position is demanding (including what some players not as good as Cory are getting) along with the escalation of the salary cap, this actually will be a deal that will look better each year he is here as the cap grows and others get more cash.
  4. The defensive line is so critical in what Marinelli runs and does that he needed his guy signed. This also continues to send a message to the players about what the team wants, and what happens when they do it.

This was a good deal. Do I want to see the Lions get some “home town” deals from some players? Sure I do. Marinelli has them going in the right direction and that will come. Remember it was only a few years ago that the Tigers had to step out on a limb. The deals will come, as soon as the W’s start. Hopefully that will start this fall. I think it will.