Voluntary Mini-Camp Transcripts


The following is a transcript from today's post-practice interview with Detroit Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli.

On how the tempo was today: "Good. It's in progress. Keep working the tempo and execution - it's all part of it. Tempo and execution, all the things we are trying to get done."

On if the players are starting to get tired legs: "Oh yeah. I think so. It's early in the year. This is an early mini-camp. It's an early one. We try to create a hell of a pace early - really getting that thing going. Now what you're looking for is going over a period of time that has now developed a stronger base of conditioning."

On when the mandatory camp will be held: "It's the last week of May. Right now I can't remember the exact date. Late May or early June, something like that."

On if the mandatory camp is on Memorial Day weekend: "No, it's not that weekend. It's not on the weekend. I can't remember the date. It's the end of May or somewhere in June. I'm just looking toward tomorrow right now."

On if anybody got hurt that wouldn't be able to practice tomorrow: "No, I think we're all pretty good - bumped up pretty good from guys running around. We're okay."

On LS Don Muhlbach getting some snaps at Tight End: "He's trying to aid the team."

On if they will keep going at the same pace tomorrow: "Yeah. We're trying to keep the pace. This is kind of how we do things. Trying out our practice, our tempo and how we do things."

On if there is only one practice tomorrow: "One tomorrow in the morning. We'll just kind of finish it up, watch the tape, meet and get ready for next week. Keep working on off-season work and some of those things."

On if some veteran players wonder where they stand: "I know. We've had three coaches in the last five years and different systems are coming in and so on and so forth. All we do is come out and teach our system and see how each man fits, coach each guy, get them on tape and move on from there."


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