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Weekly NFL News and Notes Column...


Hey Cardinal fan...this guy is your leader.  How does that feel?  Photo courtesy of

Hey Cardinal fan...this guy is your leader. How does that feel? Photo courtesy of

Weekly NFL News and Notes Column…


The Bears are not happy with their QB situation. They need a veteran backup. The management has been slow to act. If Cutler goes down or breaks under the enormous weight of working for Martz, the season is done. They are taking a big gamble without addressing the #2 spot at QB on their roster.


The Lions’ offense continues to look better. The issues in 2010 are not going to be offensive, although they certainly still have holes. On D they have to stop some people and ones on ones is not a bright spot. No doubt they are improving.


So, Favre gets more money to play. Are you angry with him? You shouldn’t be. The Vikings had a legit shot at Donovan McNabb before he was traded to the Skins. In fact, many people think that the Eagles and Donovan wanted Donovan in the land of the Vikings. The Vikings knew Favre was coming back and didn’t want McNabb around as a backup, and frankly he wouldn’t have taken to Favre’s special treatment. They will go look for a top tier QB next season after the labor issue is addressed.


Well, let the Sam Bradford era begin in St. Louis, super kid who is going to have his butt handed to him. He is about to get hit more than a punching bag in a boxing gym. This could get really ugly. The Rams are an improving team with producers like my boy Cliff Ryan, but on the offense they sure need help. Bradford needs protection or he can’t be blamed for failure.


I know several men who have played/are playing for Skins’ Coach Mike Shanahan. I don’t know any that don’t like him. He is the fine line between players’ coach and disciplinarian. Albert Haynesworth is on the wrong end of this feud. He needs to back down or this won’t end well for him. The Skins players are working harder now than ever since Gibbs left, and when the feud got too hot when he first reported, Shanny simply went in another direction. Resistance is futile from Albert.


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Here is something very interesting that I learned this weekend. Many in the NFL think that the Colts have not got a deal done in writing with Manning for one simple reason. They are holding up the Patriots and Tom Brady from doing the same. Many have said that Brady and his agent have talked privately about waiting to see the deal that Manning gets. Brady’s relationship is a little strained right now with management in New England. It is very rare that the tight-lipped and smoothly run ship of the Patriots is not on the same page. Conversely, the Colts and Manning are in lock step. Many feel a deal is done, but with the Pats looking reenergized this is their way of getting some leverage on their arch nemesis.


As stated earlier, the Lions are improving. The difficult thing for them is that their two deep is not attractive. I am talking me in a thong type ugly. Fixing this organization is going to be a long process, but it is getting there.


How about The Schwartz moving the Human SUHnami around and getting him some looks at an outside spot? Suh can play anywhere on the line and moving him around is smart football. The Schwartz has proven not to be stubborn. He will move guys around to free them up to make plays.


Do the Bucs’ fans want a team? Seriously, do they? Then, they need to show up. 


Chiefs’ QB Matt Cassel has shown many signs of what he can do with better players. Chiefs’ fans have been brutal on the youngster, but you can’t expect him to have immediate results like he did in New England when he is surrounded with SMU talent. Sorry SMU, that wasn’t fair to you.


So, you think your team has it bad? How about the Cardinals? Matt Leinart. Enough said. I am not a fantasy football geek, although we have a bunch of leagues here at Spartan Nation and they are all free (Nice job working in the commercial). I wouldn’t draft Larry Fitzgerald for anything. He is a WR and he won’t make plays without a real QB. Memo: if you play in a league against me perhaps I am only saying this to make you think I don’t want him because he is so valuable. You should like…draft him real early so I can’t get him.


Is NFL Hard Knocks making a Jets fan out of you? The show is getting monster ratings and not just in NY/NJ, all over the land. I even think my buddy Greg Martin, who I told you last week still slept in his Harrington nightie, may have sold that one said nightie on EBAY and has bought a Rex Ryan shirt he now uses as a bed spread??? Stranger things have happened.