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Weekly NFL News and Notes Column

News and Notes from Around the NFL

With the Jim’s (49er and Lions head coaches) not getting fined there is a residual backlash from it that many may not have seen. The players get fined for many things and the NFL taking a, no fight no fine approach has many players furious. 

One AFC team player rep told me when he found out, “That is B*****. I can tell you that many of us have talked and that is going to open some worms when they try to fine us for no fighting. Your telling me the coaches can’t get fined for making the league look bad?” Right or wrong, agree or not that is a good point.

Donovan McNabb has made a lot of money. Will he be willing to stick around as a backup at a lower wage? Former and current teammates don’t think he would want to be a backup with no chance of being a starter after this year.

Jon Kitna told me on my TV show at the time of his arrival in Detroit that the reason he came to Detroit was because God had told him that he was to be a starter or retire. I am sure the Cowboys fans are glad God changed his mind.

Jon Gruden’s ESPN deal keeps him in the booth IF he doesn’t take a NFL head-coaching gig. That newly announced five-year deal does nothing to keep him off the sideline. Are you listening Dolphin and Redskin fan?

I told you to be patient and watch the Redskins come back down to earth.

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Ochocinco has been a good teammate and as I told you earlier in the season he would be. Despite people looking for an implosion they still believe in him in New England. The test is how he handles the media and fan scrutiny. Will it push him to implode? He isn’t playing well, but he isn’t a trouble maker.

Could the Vikings be the next team to move in the NFL? People in Minnesota are struggling like the rest of the nation and there doesn’t seem to be the sentiment to keep them if the taxpayer has to pay the bill. Stay tuned this is coming to a head.

Coach Spags in St Louis is in trouble. Quietly some players are questioning many of his decisions. Is he done? You would think based on last year he would get a mulligan for this year, but if he loses the locker room it is over. The seat is for sure heating up.

Sean Payton the Saints coach after surgery is going to be coaching from the booth. The Saints feed off of his emotion of their coach and many are wondering what losing their emotional leader from the field is going to do to them.

I wrote extensively in this column prior to the NFL draft that Andy Dalton was the top QB according to multiple NFL experts and friends of this site. His development and frankly winning are showing that. If he continues to play at this level he is the clear rookie of the year.

The Raiders want to trade for the Bengals former QB Carson Palmer. It is now or never Bengals until after the year. Will Pryor or Boller get the nod in Raider Nation?

The Lions RB Jahvid Best is certainly an exciting player. His penchant for injury however is not a good thing and clearly send the message that he is not a long time part of the solution in Detroit.