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With a purge coming on Oakland, could Warren Sapp be a Lion?

With a purge coming on Oakland, could Warren Sapp be a Lion?

Although it is not clear at this time if the Raiders will let Warren Sapp go, if it does happen don’t be shocked if the Lions try to add him. Marinelli has told me in interviews that he is the best player he has ever seen and it was Marinelli that was able to motivate Sapp and mold him into the player that he is. Sapp was very vocal nationally when Marinelli was hired and with the Raiders in the process of trying to purge their roster of older players he could be next.

In Detroit, Sapp wouldn’t have to be “the man” and wouldn’t have to play every down. Sapp still has the tools to be one of the best in the NFL but not on an every down rotation like he did incredibly in his youth.

There is speculation that he would also look at Chicago. It would be my thought that with the depth the Lions have with Redding, Rogers and Cody combined with his close relationship and respect for Marinelli that he would favor the Lions.

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You may remember last year at this time that I reported that if he was let go then, that he wanted to be a Lion with Marinelli. I am trying to contact the source that shared that with me last season to see if that would still be the case.

Marinelli would love to have him, and it would be a very good addition.