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WMU Head Football Coach Bill Cubit breaks down week one

Coach Cubit on what are some aspects of practice that tell him the units are starting to grasp the process:
"The wideouts had a better day this afternoon and hopefully they can keep on progressing. Suddenly you see Ryan [Cubit] having so much confidence in where they are at and he is getting rid of the ball so fast. He knows where everybody is at, he knows where the defenses and where to with the ball. I think the offensive line is started to get it and [Mark] Bonds is starting to get it. The young running backs are started to improve. Defensively, you see them starting to pick the schemes and starting to cause a lot more problems for the younger quarterbacks, which I think is good. The older quarterbacks kind of have it figured it out but the younger guys, they're really confused by what we're doing defensively."

Coach Cubit on what he sees from the second and third units that is promising:
"There are some young kids, some freshmen that are really showing some promise, the problem is if they make a mistake hear or there, they can get the quarterback killed on a sack. But I think with the young kids, there is some real athletic talent there and their not getting as many reps as say the young wideouts because they will have to play. I really like what I see out of the young linemen, the young defensive linemen, guys like [Mark] Berghuis and [Chris] Pyant. They're really going to be great players. Then we have some young kids in the secondary with [Andy] Dorcely and Anthony Williams is in the nickel package and he is showing some really great promise."

Coach Cubit on what is the biggest thing the veterans are providing for the newcomers:
"I think just showing the younger guys how to practice because it is a shock. The guys come in here and it's a shock and the older guys have been through it. Some of these kids will get a little home sick sometimes and it is up to the veterans to take them under their wing and I think they're doing a pretty good job."

Coach Cubit on how they use the film from a practice session to prepare for the next session:
"You watch every little thing. You watch every film segment that goes on in practice and then you go back at night and you take out the parts that you notice and you hope you don't duplicate those things the next day. We tell our kids, we something on film, we don't want to see the same mistakes from one day to the next. But one day to the next things change with game changes and you have to retain for two or three days. That is the most important thing to understand, that there are a lot of things going on and the mental retention is something that really has to be ingrained in these young kids."

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Courtesy of the WMU SID