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Hondo S. Carpenter

Over 200 of you responded and here are a few of them. Thanks for all your responses!

Hondo, I think Brian speaks for the majority of us Spartans. You know, the late great Dizzy Dean once said, "there ain't nothin wrong with braggin as long as it's the truth." If we don't brag about us who will? As for the uniforms, Brian almost repeated one of my treads on GoSpartan.Net the first time JL sent the troops out with thise green pants and the players looked like giant green beans. The great programs out their don't changed their uniforms like both John L and Perlos did. We are not conf. USA or the Steelers were the Spartans. Thanks for sharing Brian's letter. Happy New Year



One word, WOW! It was almost like he took my thoughts and put them in a letter only with more detail and etiquette. I agree, we need to put the paddles of life to our football tradition and bring it back to life. I agree 100% with everything Brian said and that includes the uniforms. After they change them hopefully to what Brian suggested, LEAVE THEM ALONE!As always Hondo, great job!Bill from Holt Absolutely superb!!!I couldn't agree more. The officials at MSU do a poor job of promoting the great history of MSU football. We've had some tremendous people wear the green and white yet most folks have no idea. JLS had a great idea of having a museum for MSU football. What about a ring of honor in the stadium that lists our National championships, BT championships and the players whose numbers have been retired.Let's get back to the tradition MSU fotball uniform. The 1966 uniforms and helmets we wore against ND looked wonderful. We should adopt that uniform for evemore. Let's hope that President Simon gets it in the area as well. I know she loves Spartan football. Now she has a chance to embellish that love.Thanks for sharing this with us.Mike


HondoI love the letter to LAKS about MSU tradition. I whole heartedly agree we need some more tradition. That can get press coverage. Even if its just coverage in the state of michigan.I live in knoxville tn and i am surrounded by the University of Tennessee traditions. Their band marches to the stadium and it is watched by thousands of fans as it plays in reverence to the top of "The Hill" where their first college building stood. The "Pride of the Southland" band forms a Giant "T" they call the "power T" as the sides of the "T" expand while the fight song is played the entire team runs through it to the sound of pumped up fans. They also fire off some kind of cannon shots every time the team scores. The cannon can be heard a mile away inside buildings.I was also impressed one day when i happened to see the end of a texas a&m game where the team and coaches and fans all sing the "12th man" song... not sure but i think they do that even if they lose.... as a sign of unity.I also love LOVE when the Nittany lion howls in happy valley... I even emailed a suggestion once that a similar sound be adopted by MSU during sporting events. I think it would be kewl to give our awesome Spartan Marching band a better name...... Maybe the "MArching Spartan Warriors" who knows. I also admire FSU with the seminole on the horse and USC with the Trojan on the horse....I think those are good traditions that always get seen on TV. Maybe we should come up with our own "12th man " like tradition... something for spartans to take pride in,... in the face of defeat and in victory. I also agree... our hardware of past victories should definitely be on display.Another image that I have visualized could be to give the stadium a Roman Colliseum feel by having trumpeters come out of the main section entrances with those 5 foot long trumpets and play the fanfare to the Spartan fight song at the beginning of the game ... as the rest of the band gets fired up on the field and the team pours in. Maybe the long trumpets could have banners on them representing great MICHIGAN STATE victories....I know that idea may sound all sentimental and gushy.. but i can really see it in my head.... the trumpeters could be decked out as SPARTAN Soldiers... helmet etc..... maybe even if the trumpeters were just at the top of the wall at the edge of the field... ,,,,sorry... it gets me excited at the thought.....maybe the spartan horseman could come out and plant the Spartan flag in the middle of the field as the trumpeters play the Fanfare....

I think that there needs to be some Ultimate moment at the starting cermony of the game that sends the crowd into frenzy and makes us not sure what that might be.. but i am sure that it is out there.. and we the SPARTAN NATION will know it when it arrives........One more thing ... i do think that spartan fans and the band really do have it together....i have traveled to many NCAA basketball tournaments and I have rarely seen any fans and bands as coordinated as the SPARTAN FANS... as a 20+ year spartan fan... the band can play any of its numbers and the perfect responce comes out of my mouth....... at the university of TN the fans are absolutely uncoordinated......with the band.. the ONLY thing that they know is ROCKY TOP....they have no other cheers..The fans from XAVIER really impressed me along these lines... they have hand gestures that spell out "X" "A" "V" and fist pumping for the "IER".... i could not stop cheering for them during a recent basketball game.... they are good.I think we need to attract more attention to the Kick Step that the band uses.. from what i have seen it is very unique......I always want to see the band march into the stadium on TV.. and i never see that... As an out of state alum.. i really miss getting to see that....ThanksSorry bout the ramblings...

Charles class of 84 



Yet again you fat idiot, you post a letter that you write. Anyone could see it was you. Bad spelling and dumb thought process. I hate you. Have a heart attack and die.


HondoThat was a great letter. Being out here in California I love to see and read MSU info. This guy was right on.Phillip-Los AngelesHondoBrian has hit it right. Out here in Longhorn country they have what we need at MSU. Great letter.




HondoBrian has it right, but sadly like you he is an uneducated fool. Why print stuff that makes everyone look dumb with bad spelling.Roy-Miami


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