Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions: Mel Tucker Era

Hondo S. Carpenter

Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions: Mel Tucker Era

East Lansing, MI—In this edition of answering your emails and questions, we take an optimistic look as the Spartans begin the rebuilding process under Mel Tucker.

Hondo, if you had to predict the starting lineup for the first game, based on the players here today, who would you pick? Ethan P.

The offensive line I would predict Spencer Brown, Devontae Dobbs, J.D. Duplain, Nick Samac, and Kevin Jarvis. WR Jalen Nailor, Jayden Reed, and Tre Mosley. Running back would be Elijah Collins, tight end Trenton Gillison and QB Rocky Lombardi.

Moving to the defensive side. The defensive line, I would say, Naquan Jones, Michael Fletcher, and Jacub Panasiuk. At linebacker, Antjuan Simmons, Noah Harvey, Jeslord Boateng, and Chase Kline. At the defensive backs, Xavier Henderson, Julian Barnett, Shakur Brown and Dominique Long.

Hondo, can you tell me a name on offense and a name on defense that you think will really be a star next year? Heather Cooper

On offense, I won’t even hesitate to say, Jayden Reed. Many people told me, from players to coaches, that last year when he had to sit out, he was the best offensive player on the roster. On defense, I would say Antjuan Simmons will emerge as a top-notch NFL player.      

Hondo, any predictions for captains next year? Fred H.

We don’t know how Coach Tucker will do it, but two that will be in the running and are front runners for the job are Antjuan Simmons, Rocky Lombardi.

Hondo, do you have an early grade for Mel Tucker? Josh Bovey

I would give him an A+. He has done everything right since he took the job. I love what I am hearing from players.

Hondo, what new coach on Tucker’s staff are you most excited to see in action? Tom Tinley

Chris Kapilovic, the offensive line coach for sure, and Scottie Hazelton, the defensive coordinator. Two great hires.

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Do you think that MSU has any chance getting any in state guys with the 2021 recruiting class? I would love for the RB Donovan Edwards to sign with us but that is probably way beyond dreaming.

No. 1-3

Hondo, what has happened to Kalon Gervin? He was #1 or 2 in the State and he can’t find the field. I’m kinda shocked you didn’t list him in your projected staters. What’s up w KG?


Hondo, can you speak about the new offensive staff and how they will improve QB development?

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