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Michigan State Has A Top 10 Matchup On The Horizon

Michigan and Michigan State will face off as top ten and undefeated teams for the first time since 1964.

This next week will make you think about who your friends are. A state divided is just an understatement when it comes to the Michigan vs. Michigan State rivalry.

Last year both teams finished under .500, although Michigan State won the rivalry game 27-24 in upset fashion where they were underdogs by 20+ points.

This year, Michigan and Michigan State both have Big Ten title aspirations. Both teams are undefeated, although neither have been "tested".

This week will be a test. It will test your patience, it will test your fandom, it will test how many lines your willing to cross to cheer for your beloved Spartans.

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This is more than a football game. This is a rivalry that can bring the best and the worst out of some people. This is a state divided. It's tradition. It's "little brother comments". It's "Harbaugh has never been to Indy".

It's fun and when both teams are in the top 10 squaring off for the first time since 1964 it's bound to get a little crazy.