The Most Interesting Things Players Said Postgame: Nebraska Cornhuskers

There was never a doubt on the Michigan State sideline who would win Saturday night and the players reiterated that in the post game press conference.
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After a thrilling overtime victory over Nebraska, 23-20, Jayden Reed, Payton Thorne, Xavier Henderson, and Chester Kimbrough fielded questions from the media and here are some of the most interesting quotes.

Jayden Reed: "As Coach Tucker says, keep choppin' no matter what, you know stuff doesn't always go your way, we just kept going, we took care of the other parts of the game."

This was the worst game Michigan State has played offensively so far this season, if it wasn't for the the defense and special teams, Michigan State wouldn't have won. Good teams and players find ways to win and that's exactly what Jayden Reed and Michigan State did.

Payton Thorne: "There was stuff I missed tonight, what happened tonight was a result of some of those things."

Payton Thorne had an up and down game and struggled most of the second half and took responsibility for it in the post-game. That's the first step as a leader the next step is to see how he can respond and bounce back next week.

Xavier Henderson: "We never really felt like we didn't have a chance, wasn't much doubt."

This team reeks confidence and has no doubts they can and will win every game some way some how and that comes directly from the coaching staff and confidence in every player.

Chester Kimbrough: "We train harder than anyone else in the country."

A testament to the coaching staff has been their ability to train and practice as hard or harder than anyone in the country which is a main reason we've seen how fast Michigan State has started this year. The practices are harder than the games.