Michigan State vs. Northwestern: Revisiting Game Predictions

Looking back at the game predictions from last week.
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I made five predictions that I thought would be huge for Michigan State going into the Northwestern game. Three of my five predictions ended up becoming true.

1. I was wrong about the Anthony Russo prediction. I thought the senior transfer would be the starter week 1, instead they went with Payton Thorne.

2. Anthony Russo didn't start, but my next prediction was that he would throw more touchdowns than interceptions. That prediction was correct although it was Thorne instead who threw one touchdown pass and zero interceptions.

3. Maybe my favorite prediction, Kenneth Walker III scores a rushing touchdown on the first drive of the game. Walker wasted no time getting this prediction right when he ripped off a 75 yard touchdown run on the first play of the game.

4. The defensive line sacked Northwestern quarterback Hunter Johnson four times. My prediction was three or more times which proved to be correct. Xavier Henderson, Quarvaris Crouch, Darius Snow, and Maverick Hansen all made sacks for the Spartans.

5. The Spartans only missed this prediction by two points. My prediction was that they would hold Northwestern to less than 20 points which was the lowest they allowed last season. Well they allowed just over that with 21, so we were pretty close.