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Three Most Interesting Things Coach Mel Tucker Said Sept. 28

Mel Tucker met the media on Tuesday and knows Michigan State has a long way to go to meet their goals.

"The opponents change, but the standard is the standard. We will not accept the unacceptable."

Michigan State had their biggest test of the season and at times looked very lack-luster especially offensively against Nebraska. Those things aren't going to slide, they will have to be better going forward.

"There hasn't been a game this season where we came out of the game giddy about where we were in terms of productivity. We're a work in progress. We are now, we always have been and we always will be."

Coach Mel Tucker and the Spartans have exceeded most expectations so far, I mean they do have a perfect record. It's a long season and with some very tough opponents coming up, they have to keep improving in order to play with the Big Ten East.

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"We have to get all 11 guys on the same page on a play to be successful. On all three phases."

Coach Mel Tucker keeps emphasizing the importance of not only offense and defense but also special teams. This team is full of football players that have to buy in to something bigger than themselves and Tucker is teaching that.