Three Most Interesting Things Mel Tucker Said: Oct. 11

Michigan State Head Football Coach Mel Tucker addressed the media today following the Rutgers win and getting ready for the Indiana game on Saturday.
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"They're all a big game, especially a rivalry game for a trophy. We're playing for the (Old) Brass Spittoon."

This season has exceeded expectations for most fans and caught the attention of other fans and analysts from around the country but it's not getting to Mel Tucker or the Michigan State players and coaches. They aren't trying to bring more attention than what's necessary to the team. They are working day by day to reach their goals and that's winning every day and getting better instead of focusing on the past such as losses from last season.

"We have so many areas where we need to improve on all three phases, individually and collectively. It never stops. You're never there, you never arrive."

Michigan State has been brilliant at times in all three phases but there is never a time that you're that much better than everyone you're playing against. Mel Tucker is showing he isn't letting this good start get him or his team complacent with competition.

"Goal-setting is important, when you write down goals, you work on them and they work on you."

This is in reference to Kenneth Walker telling us a little over a week ago following the Western Kentucky game that he he wrote down the goal of winning the Heisman this season. Mel Tucker has wrote down goals for himself as well I'm sure and living in this process allowing himself gain ground on these goals as well as letting these goals define his day-in and day-out every day life.