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Well that didn't last very long now did it, Randy?  On a side note, if you own Randy Moss on your fantasy team, I'm sorry.

Well that didn't last very long now did it, Randy? On a side note, if you own Randy Moss on your fantasy team, I'm sorry.

Oh, Randy, Randy, Randy. It’s really impressive that you were able to find a way to so quickly ruin all of your relationships in the Twin Cities, and probably the entire state of Minnesota. Can we officially call Moss’ divorce from the Vikings the single worst personnel move of the season? I find it hard to believe that any move will blow up in a team’s face as badly as this did for the Vikings. Unless, of course, he only makes it two games in Tennesee. Now on to the fantasy advice that you actually could feed to your dog (yet another Randy Moss reference!):


BEST:   Philip Rivers, SD

Frankly, Rivers is a must-start every week, and I’m sure you know that already. I’m also sure that most of you also already know that any quarterback who plays the Houston Texans is pretty much a must-start every week. Well guess what Rivers Owners? You have both of those guys this week! In all seriousness, I project Rivers to go over 300 yards and throw for multiple touchdowns this week against a porous Texans secondary. Start him, period.

WORST:Â Jay Cutler, CHI

Yes, I do know that he’s playing the Bills this week. But did you know that the Bills actually aren’t that terrible against the pass? Right now the Bills rank 6th in the NFL in yards allowed through the air, giving up only 195 yards per game. Sure, they’ve only managed to snag one INT this year, but let’s face the facts, facing Jay Cutler is the perfect cure for that. I think Cutler probably manages a couple of touchdowns, but also throws a pair of picks. He’ll probably end up with average numbers, and I think you should be able to find a better option.

Running Back

BEST:   Jamaal Charles, KC

He’s getting his carries, and is extremely elusive. Last week he exploded for 238 yards of total offense, and while I don’t expect him to have numbers quite that high, he does have a favorable match-up against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders rank near the bottom of the league in yards per game allowed on the ground, and Charles should be able to make them miss plenty of times and rip off some big plays. Just be warned however, the Raiders are hot right now. While I don’t expect that hot streak to continue against the Chiefs, if it does, Charles may see a dip in production.

WORST:Â Cedric Benson, CIN

The Bengals are absolutely falling apart right now, and Benson hasn’t been any different. He’s only averaged 3.5 yards per carry in his last two games, and it doesn’t look to get any better this week when the Pittsburgh Steelers invade Paul Brown Stadium. You probably don’t have a better option than Benson, since he still will get the vast majority of the carries for the Bengals, but if you do consider letting him sit on your bench this week.

Wide Receiver

BEST:   Greg Jennings, GB

Jennings is really the only healthy option left for the Packers pass offense. This week he faces a Dallas team that really looks like they have completely lost interest in this season. Jennings is not a player you want to sleep on if you’re the Cowboys, because he’s one of the best deep threats in the league. If the Cowboys don’t get their act together this week, look for Jennings to abuse the Cowboys just like the Jaguars did last week.

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WORST:Â Randy Moss, TEN

First week with a new team, and we all saw what happened with Moss in Minnesota (See my intro). The guy has talent, but frankly his head has an incredible knack for messing with fantasy owners’ seasons. Frankly, I’d look to trade Moss at this point, I’m sure somebody will be willing to jump on his name value. If you can’t trade him, bench Moss until he proves he’s engaged mentally.

Tight End

BEST:   Antonio Gates, SD

He’s the league leader for all pass catchers this year, and frankly should have a permanent place in the “best” position in this column. However, he’s an especially good play this week for all the reasons I listed in my write-up about Philip Rivers. Start Gates this week, because he’s capable of exploding this week.

WORST:Â Dustin Keller, NYJ

Keller looked very good early in the season, and was certainly Mark Sanchez’s security blanket. However, since the return of Santonio Holmes, Sanchez has been locking on to Holmes a bit too much. Until Sanchez learns to work through his progressions more effectively Keller’s fantasy value is going to be lessened. He’s still a decent play from week to week, just not what he was early in the year.


BEST:   Minnesota Vikings

I know that the Vikings haven’t been very good on defense this year, but I’m going out on a limb and predicting that they at least partially right the ship this week. Jared Allen is too good to only have 1 sack this season, and I think he finds his way to the Arizona quarterback (whichever one is actually playing) this week. I also think the Vikings create at least one turnover against the offensively challenged Cardinals in week 9.

WORST:Â Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have been giving up yards in bunches this season, and are facing an underrated Buccaneers offense this week. I think we may see a high scoring affair in Atlanta this week in a battle for position in the NFC South. I’d recommend looking for a team with a better match-up this week as Atlanta could very easily give up quite a few points to the young and hungry Bucs.


-Buffalo Bills Defense

This is a one week only recommendation. I just honestly have zero faith in Jay Cutler to throw the ball to the right team. The Bills have been giving up bunches of rushing yards this season, but luckily for them the Bears have a relatively anemic rushing attack. I think the Bills will shock a lot of fans this week and will get their first win this week against a stumbling Bears squad, while picking off Jay Cutler at least twice. Be warned however, if the Bears are clicking on all cylinders and Cutler realizes what color jersey his team wearing that day, this play could get very ugly for you. It’s the typical high-risk/high-reward sleeper pick. Just make sure you cut this team after this week if you do decide to take a risk and start them.

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