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Good, Bad, and Ugly Podcast Covering Michigan State Athletics Episode LVII: Football

Chuck Grenier joins Spartan Nation for another episode of the Good, Bad, and Ugly Podcast covering Michigan State Athletics.

East Lansing, Mich. – Spartan Nation is back with another episode of the Good, Bad, and Ugly Podcast featuring Chuck Grenier.

Today, the longtime contributor is joined by publisher Hondo S. Carpenter Sr. to discuss Michigan State football. 

There were plenty of storylines for MSU at Big Ten Media Days this year. Mel Tucker approached the podium and spoke with excitement as his program continues to improve. Since arriving on campus, the coaching veteran has hammered culture more than usual, even for a new headman, but it's because he wants to win now. And he knows exactly what he needs to see for those victories to become a reality on Saturdays. 

"How do we plan to improve the team, the ago aggregation of marginal gains," he said. "Like I talked about before. Across the board. It's everyone in our organization every department every single day has to get a little bit better at what they do. And if everyone does that, and everyone knows that's important, that's what's required, okay, then you're going to improve. And then recruiting. Obviously good players make you a good coach. 

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"Great players make you a great coach. So we recruit every single day. Through the high school ranks and through the portal we have added a significant number of really good football players that have improved our roster, have improved the level of competition at every single position. And guys are having to compete in the weight room, compete in our strength and conditioning. 

"And you practice a lot more than you play, you train a lot more than you play, and when you got a lot of good players, all competing and moving towards the same goal, knowing that they have to fight to get on the field, you can't help but to get better. It's steel sharpening steel and that's what we're doing."

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