Good, Bad, and Ugly Podcast Covering Michigan State Athletics Episode XXXVIII

Let's take a deep-dive in Michigan State athletics with our latest episode of the Good, Bad, and Ugly podcast featuring Chuck Grenier.
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EAST LANSING – Spartan Nation is back with another episode of the Good, Bad, and Ugly Podcast featuring Chuck Grenier.

Grenier, a longtime contributor, is joined by publisher Hondo S. Carpenter Sr. to discuss what's next for Michigan State athletics. 

The MSU football program returned to the field Thursday morning for its eighth spring practice. 

More importantly, second-year head coach Mel Tucker is impressed with his team's progress. 

"I've talked to (our team) about the aggregation of marginal gains. Everyone get two percent better, one or two percent better every day, and it adds up, and we can just keep moving forward and improving our football team, and after practice 15, we'll see where we are," said Tucker. Every day is an opportunity to show what you're all about and how much you've learned and can you improve, can you take it from the classroom to walk through to individual work to group work to a scrimmage and eventually, to a game. 

"So it's a process. We've been getting good work in, but we're still a work in progress. We do need to keep raising the bar and get as much out of these guys as we can."

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