Michigan State '21 Commit: Hampton Fay Shares Insight on MSU

Hampton Fay shares the relationship and investment Mel Tucker and Michigan State had with him, before he committed to their class of 2021.
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Committing to Michigan State’s class of 2021 on April 25, Hampton Fay had a lot to say on the relationship Mel Tucker started with him back in Colorado, and the strong interest Tucker and Michigan State had in him.

“I knew the coaching staff, they recruited me when they were at Colorado,” Fay said.

Starting a connection early and continuing to build it, was one of the things that drew Fay’s interest in Mel Tucker and his coaching staff.

“As time went by, and they transitioned to Michigan State, I knew they were being hired because, that program was looking for a coaching staff they could believe in. I saw that as an opportunity, that other universities were trying to take advantage of that coaching staff. So, I stuck with them.”

Fay knew that Tucker was good at recruiting, he knew Tucker’s history with his football career, which was successful. Although for Fay, there was one key factor that it came down to.

“They wanted me really bad.”

Tucker’s ability to connect with the players is something multiple commits and recruits have mentioned.

“Everybody wants them as their coach. They’re able to mesh with the players really well and utilize them to the best of their abilities. There’s a lot of stuff in their offense that they’re able to run.”

In focusing on Michigan State’s atmosphere, Fay was interested in both the Eli Broad College of Business, due to its rigorous curricular, and his interest in business. As well as, the school’s culture.

“It connected to me. Being from Texas, football is so highly praised. We took a trip up to Michigan, and it was kinda the same atmosphere. Everybody loves football there.”

In building the atmosphere, Fay sees Tucker bringing new energy to the culture. He uses his high energy to encourage the athletes.

“That’s what it takes for a coach to push players.”

Fay thinks that Tucker’s high energy and winning mentality, makes him great at recruiting. Tucker gives the players a chance to prove themselves, show off their natural abilities. With recruiting, Tucker has shown interest in those that have great size and speed.

In looking at Tucker’s trend, Fay said that Tucker does a great job in recruiting guys that has things he can’t coach; you can’t coach height. Going off of that, Tucker recruits guys who already have something, and he works with them to develop their skills to their full potential.

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