MSU 21 Target Garrison Smith: Records Are Meant To Be Broken

Michigan State class of 2021 target, Garrison Smith, is a record breaker. But his main goal, is to help his teammates break records too.
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“I’ve been a Big Ten fan basically my whole life,” kicker Garrison Smith said, after receiving an offer from Michigan State on Nov. 13.

Already having three kickers on the Spartans roster, Smith was surprised to receive an offer.

“I did not think they were in the market for a kicker.”

But kicking off the ground as a high schooler, makes Smith college ready.

“I think that might’ve stood out to them, because I kicked a new personal record of 57 off the ground.”

Breaking his own records and every record as a kicker at his high school, Norwalk, isn’t Smith’s main goal.

“My goal in the game is not to break records, but to make and do everything possible for my team’s success, records just happen to fall along with it.”

Instead, Smith is a team player who wants to improve his teammates so they can break records too.

“Records are meant to be broken, and I want to see other student-athletes do as much as possible. I like to see the future.”

Smith is ready for these records to be broken; he wants them to be broken.

“Constantly, I am helping them tweak something I see. I always invite them out to the field with me to go kick. Anything possible if they need help, I’m always here.”

In always being there, this is the main factor that will help Smith narrow down his schools.

“A big thing for my decision, especially if I’m going to be playing at a northern school, I need an indoor field I can train year-round in.”

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