MSU Class of 2022 Target: Michael Williams II The “Future”

Michigan State football target, Michael Williams II, grew up in the MSU atmosphere. He's working even harder now after an ACL injury.
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Michael Williams II, a 4-star linebacker, grew up around the Michigan State atmosphere. Especially with his dad being a Spartan Alumnus.

“My dad always told me about Michigan State, growing up we watched their games every week they played. He tried to walk on as a freshman and play there. Everything he taught me about Michigan State and the wisdom has been amazing.”

Williams also gained exposure to the team by going to the Michigan State University Football Summer Camps.

“Growing up, I went to that camp every year. The little youth camp they had, that was my favorite camp to go to.”

His favorite camp, that he went for five years in a row and also had great takeaways.

“It was fun because they had real players, players that played there, so we got to learn from them about college life at a young age, and time management. It helped me a lot in high school.

They probably didn’t know it was me then. I wasn’t the best athlete when I first started, but I got better after a few years.”

Being from West Bloomfield, MI, and growing up about an hour away from Michigan State, Williams is close to home.

“You can’t do too much wrong at home. They’re arguably one of the best teams in Michigan. Getting an offer from MSU started teaching me that finally my hard work is paying off.”

Recovering from an ACL tear, Williams is getting back into the game.

“My work ethic is probably the greatest right now. I’ve never worked as hard as I have right now in my entire life. Being injured has helped me a lot. Having an ACL tear, you have to work even harder to get back and not give up.”

Williams has been determined to get back for two months.

“It’s still frustrating. I miss being on the field with the boys. The first three weeks were the hardest; the scars kept opening up and there was a lot of bleeding and pain. I’m happy I’m going through it now because I know it’ll get better.”

He knows he’ll get better and will take his skills places. Having his Twitter handle as @thefuture247, Williams said, “Really, the future has been something that I had as a nickname growing up. They called me the future of the league. I’m the future.”

As for the 247 part in his handle, Williams said it stands for working hard twenty-four seven. Not just working hard for himself, but for the team.

“No one person is going to win a football game. Because there’s 21 other people on the field. Going against other teams, you all have to work together to get the dub.”

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