MSU 22 Target: Shannon Blair Ready to Tackle Upcoming Offers

Frustrated with the number of offers he had, Shannon Blair knew he could play for a Power-Five. His offer from Michigan State gave him hope to tackle more.
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At first, the recruiting process was frustrating for Michigan State ’22 target, Shannon Blair.

“I knew I was good, that I was able to play power-five football,” Blair said.

It was his offer from Michigan State that gave him hope.

“I realized more were going to come in. A lot of schools have been hitting me up.”

He’s been ready to TACKLE these offers and accomplish his goal.

“It’s been my goal since I was little to play college football. When I was six, I told my mom I wanted to play tackle. I was supposed to play flag, but I played up with the 7-year-old team because they were playing tackle.”

Everything about football is fun for Blair, but again, he loves to tackle.

“When I was little, I used to be in big piles jumping over each other and getting in trouble for it. I wanted to play something where I could tackle and not get in trouble for it, football just came, so that’s why.”

You could say jumping in piles runs in his blood. After all, his cousin is American Professional Wrestler, Bianca Belair.

“Yes, that’s my cousin. I met her like two times. Once last summer, and a couple years before that. I didn’t know at first, I was surprised. Every time my little cousins see her on tv, they’re like ‘That’s our cousin! That’s our cousin!’ It’s really cool to me.”

The two have something in common, other than being related. They’re both hybrid athletes.

As a defensive back and wide receiver, Blair holds more skills than being able to block.

“My ability to go up and get the ball. A lot of people can’t do that. I also play smooth, one of my coaches was telling me that I don’t panic in situations.”

MSU’s Coach Tillman knows what Blair can do.

“He was telling me he loves the way I play. He said he definitely wants me to come play for Michigan State.”

With his recruiting process now gaining momentum, Michigan State sees the skills and potential Blair can bring to the program.

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