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MSU 23 Target, Joey Schlaffer: "Football has really been like the backbone"

Joey Schlaffer's had guidance from his two older brothers who played D1 football. Even with football being the backbone for their relationship, Schlaffer wants to still make his own success.

“Throughout the process I’ve become more comfortable talking to coaches, and I’m not as nervous as I used to be,” Michigan State 2023 target, Joey Schlaffer said.

Having six offers, has given Schlaffer some repetition talking to coaches, where he’s not as nervous. Like when Michigan State coach, Ted Gilmore, gave Schlaffer an offer.

“A huge, huge offer. I think my best one so far. I called my mom she started crying and hugged me. It was a great moment. I thought about it all night,” Schlaffer said.

He also has offers from Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Bowling Green, and Rutgers. But here’s what Schlaffer had to say on the Spartans:

“It’s a high-performing program. And these are the people who want me, and it’s crazy to see I can fit in there,” Schlaffer said.

Having his two older brothers already play D1 football – for Penn State and Eastern Michigan - Schlaffer has his path somewhat paved. He’d like to make his own success, though.

“When I was younger, I saw their success and I always looked up to them to follow their footsteps. And now I’m getting to the point where I’m making my own way,” Schlaffer said.

He wants to set the bar higher than his brothers can. Even higher than his brother Michael. He played for Penn State and is now training for the draft.

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“He’s most likely to get third or fourth in the draft,” Schlaffer said.

Pretty big steps to follow, but Schlaffer isn’t worried. It’s a fun rivalry between him and his brothers. Whether that be a regular competition or seeing how far they can take their names.

“It’s a long time and a lot of steps have to be taken for me to get there. I do eventually want to surpass him,” Schlaffer said.

I don’t doubt he will. He has the mentality and confidence to succeed as far as he wants to. And his brothers will be able to offer guidance like they always have.

“My dad wouldn’t let me play flag football because he thought it was a waste of time, so I started a little later than everybody else. It’s not like I didn’t play football with my brothers all the time, we’re competitive dudes. Football has really been like the backbone of our whole relationship; my brothers.”

How football is the backbone for Schlaffer and his brothers’ relationship, is how Schlaffer views top colleges.

“All these high-class colleges have one thing in common, they have honor, they have discipline: it’s respectable. They hold themselves to a higher standard. I’m excited to be part of that wherever I end up,” Schlaffer said.

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