Michigan State ’24 Target Sincere Edwards: It’s in His Name

Receiving his first and only offer from Michigan State so far as a 2024 target, Sincere Edwards lives up to his name.
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In the first five minutes of my conversation with Michigan State 2024 target, Sincere Edwards, I knew he was a determined and genuine person. You can tell by the way he talks and presents himself, that he is true to himself, and others.

“I would tell people that, Sincere is a well-mannered kid around the board. Growing up, his parents don’t play about having manners towards elders and people in general; very athletic, that just runs in the family; puts the work in because I’m a hard-worker, and I’m loving to others," Edwards said. 

That’s how Edwards sums up his story. We’re going to dig deeper with three key things Edwards mentioned about himself: well-mannered, hard-worker, and loving to others.

“I don’t really like to be cocky, because I’m spirited,” the defensive end said.

Edwards is humble, and he has his spirituality to help guide him. While he’s not ranked yet, he is class of 2024, so he has time.

Finishing his season being No.1 in sacks and receiving his first and only offer so far from Michigan State, this is a good start for Edwards.

“During the offseason, I put in a lot of work on and off the field.”

He put in the work every day. Especially during the pandemic.

“I realized that football was going to be the sport from here on out. I was the youngest on the team, and I realized I had a really good game, that was a spark to everything.”

It was a spark that would make him want to work harder than others in his year.

“A lot of people my age aren’t willing to sacrifice for the game and even school work, I do really sacrifice a lot of my time and effort into football."

Playing up a year with athletes who have more experience, and who are larger, gives Edwards a challenge. But also, an advantage.

“I’m big but I play with older kids. I have to prove myself to them. So, I’m always going to be the underdog, but I like it at the same time, because when I ball the way I can ball they have nothing to say.”

Confidence. That’s a trait that Mel Tucker is looking for. Not to mention, Michigan State has been seeking underdog players.

In being an underdog, Edwards has big moves up his sleeve, leading others in the right direction.

“My family, we’re very competitive. There’s five of us total. I’m the oldest, then a girl, then a boy, another girl, and the last is a boy. Even when it comes to stuff about grades, it’s who can get the best grades, but it’s a loving competitive.”

Like he said, a loving competitive. One where he wants to strive, so he can pave the way for his siblings.

“I go through my ups and downs for football too, but if I can eliminate some stuff, that will help me get there quicker, that’s how I’ll help my younger brothers, I want them to be more successful than what I’d be in the future, I want to pave it to the point where they learn from my mistakes and better themselves.”

He’s determined, he sacrifices, he’s Sincere.

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