Michigan State Basketball Needs Another Option Offensively

Michigan State needs more offensively, Aaron Henry is phenomenal, but he can't do it alone, especially against the second-best team in the nation.
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In basketball, one player can take over a game, we've seen Aaron Henry do it in many of Michigan State's wins this year, but it's still a team sport.

Generally, it's pretty tough for a single person to lead their team to victory night in and night out, especially against the No. 2 ranked team in the country.

In a 69-50 loss to Michigan, the Spartans didn't offer much offensively outside of Henry.

Joshua Langford, Gabe Brown, and Joey Hauser combined for 14 points, the same as Henry, who shot 5-of-19 overall (26.3%).

After making his first six attempts in 25 minutes, the Indiana native wore down and missed his final six shots. Henry turned the ball over four times, but it's easy to zero-in on a guy when you know he's the only real threat.

Langford went 2-of-10, missing mostly good shots, but quite obviously was fatigued, and nobody blames him, but the Spartans still needed more. Hauser finished 3-for-7 with four rebounds, two assists, and two steals.

Rocket Watts had an okay game but didn't play the last 17:01 after not diving for a loose ball Hunter Dickinson fought for and turned into a U-M 3-pointer. 

Brown, primarily on the floor for his offense, shot it twice all night, which is inexcusable. 

Michigan State traveled to Ann Arbor with an opportunity to push Michigan's Big Ten title celebration back a couple of days. The Spartans will finish between 7th and 10th place regardless, meaning it's time to leave it all on the court. Yes, MSU was tired, but you have to find ways around it. 

The Wolverines dealt with similar scheduling and couldn't miss in the second half, shooting 50% and 44% from three. 

Brown has to let it fly at least ten times, make or miss; Michigan State can't afford to have one of its best shooters become gun-shy.

MSU needed more ball movement and less predictability; at one point, Henry stood at the top of the key for multiple possessions creating and scoring – either for himself or others.

The bottom line is, Michigan State needs to finish better than this; it's one thing to lose, it's another to get blown out for the second time in five days, and fourth or fifth overall (depending on your definition).

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