MSU '24 Target, Brandon Heyward: "I Remember that Promise."

Brandon Heyward, a 2024 Michigan State target, strives to excel in football and give back to his family.
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"What I look for in a school is a nice football program, to be able to call that place my family and be great at that school," Michigan State 2024 target Brandon Heyward said.

Like many athletes, Heyward's looking for a school that he can call family. And a school that's going to excel his football career so he can give back to his family.

"When I got to the eighth grade, when I started getting looked at by people, I promised my grandad I was going to get up there and be in the league one day. I promised the rest of my family I'd take them out of Tennessee and give them a better life. Every time I work, hit the field, I remember that promise and work harder than everybody," Heyward said.

He said he's always worked harder than everybody and pushed others to work hard too. He always hustles. That's what his sweatshirt said too over our call, 'Always Hustle.'

"The top two things I have to do is get my speed up and my strength. Right now, I'm working on getting out of man-coverage and routes. I'm seeing results, but I still need to improve," Heyward said.

Even the skills he's successful with, he wants to get better, be better.

"It's not things I struggle with, I just want to get better because I know other people are working, so I need to work even harder. I want to be one of the greats," Heyward said.

He puts in the work for his grandad. They did everything together.

"He came to all my games, basketball and football. We went hunting and fishing, bought football stuff together, and bought clothes together. Everything together," Heyward said.

While his grandad isn't with him anymore, Heyward is still making strides towards his goal. Because it's a promise him and his grandad made together.

"I'm trying to show people that you can do what you want to do if you put your mind to it. If you put your mind to it, you can do it," Heyward said.

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