Spartan Nation Mailbag: Mel Tucker, Recruiting, & Bowl Game Appearances

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Hondo, My question: I hear a lot about Coach Tucker's different approach to recruiting, but quite frankly, making many offers all over the country doesn't seem that impressive. And having MSU make the top 10 for a bunch of recruits isn't that impressive if you don't get the final selection. I'm looking at results. Thanks. Enjoy the column. Scott, GO GREEN!

Ultimately it is about results. Mel Tucker inherited a program in shambles. He was not the first choice, but that doesn't mean he was the wrong choice. If you are fair and honest, Tucker is entering his first proper season. 

He has to rebuild the entire program. Tucker deserves time to fix this program, and we shall see what he does.

Hondo, I am sorry, but I do not like how Mel Tucker keeps putting all of these videos out on Twitter about himself. It doesn't look brilliant. We have a non-tobacco campus, and the other day he is out showing off him smoking a cigar. Stop the self-hype coach. Be a role model and win. C. Steward

I hear a ton of complaints about Mel Tucker's use of social media. But, let's be honest. If he wins big, none of your complaints matter. If he loses and you all loved them, it wouldn't matter. When you aren't winning, people find a lot to hate. If you win, they find a lot to overlook.

Relax, and let him do it his way. It all comes down to winning.

Hondo, Mel Tucker gets no time from me. 2021 is a season they must make a bowl run. His contract demands it. Jason M.

Mel Tucker's contract is the size that it is because no one would take the job. 

Inside Spartan Nation, people had significantly higher expectations than outside. 

People saw the condition of the program and knew it was a big job. If you don't like Mel Tucker's contract, I am sure some of that is jealousy. But if it is genuine dislike, blame the people that let Spartan football get run into the ground.

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