Spartan Nation Mailbag: Michigan State Football

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State football.
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Here at Sports Illustrated's Spartan Nation, we endeavor to be one of the fans' most interactive sites.

With that in mind, we present your weekly Michigan State Football questions and email.

Hondo, why are so many players leaving? Is it time to panic? Terri H.

Not at all. Mel Tucker made it clear what he wants and expects and said that players were going to leave. I would not be shocked with more of them going.

Hondo, with Rocky Lombardi leaving, do you expect another quarterback to leave? Russ Myers

I know that one more is considering it. Anything could happen. If they don't fit Tucker's plan, they should go.

Hondo, this season was terrible. Let's move on from Tucker. Do you agree?

Dan Reyes

Are you kidding? This is a joke, right? Of course not. I think he has done a good job since he arrived. He was behind the eight-ball since he arrived. Give the guy a break.

Hondo, what did you think of Mel Tucker's first recruiting class? I would love your thoughts. Amy P.

Considering all that man has endured since taking the job, it was an excellent class. MSU had to have a massive upgrade of talent, and Tucker has started that. What is even bigger than his first class is the transfer portal. They are going to hit it hard.

Hondo, do you think any of Mel Tucker's staff get fired? Allen Byrd

No. I do not believe any of them will be. This team, considering all things, had a good year. Considering all things.

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