Spartan Nation Mailbag: Michigan State Football

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State football.
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Each week we take time to answer your Michigan State Athletics questions and answers. As week one is over, and we look ahead to the Michigan game, here we go.

Hondo, is it fair to look at the disappointing loss to Rutgers like Nick Saban's against Nebraska? Thank you, Wade Boyer.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Nick's was against a national title contender in the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Mel's loss was against a perennial cellar dweller in Rutgers. A program with a new coach and a program in far worse shape than Michigan State when Greg Schiano took over.

Hondo, how much of the loss was on players, and how much on coaches? Kevin Brown

First of all, you can't ignore that Mark Dantonio left the program in bad shape. Secondly, when the players talk about not being ready or hyped, that is squarely on the staff.

Hondo, what did you think about Mel going for it on 4th down and not kicking the field goal? Roger Cole

I would have kicked the field goal. I said it at the time. You already knew you couldn't run, so why try? You had momentum. Keep it by kicking the field goal.

Hondo, I was impressed by Rocky Lombardi. He can sling it. How much farther along would he be if he had been given a fair shot. Frustrating. Ruth McClellan

I like Rocky's fight. If he had been given a fair shot, he would be significantly farther down the road this season. Feel bad for him, but still, he is a fighter.

The line is awful but is Lombardi really the best QB?--Dr. Scott Lehr

Clearly, the coaches feel he is, and by the numbers, he is. He has to get real live relevant reps to progress.

There you go, everyone. If you have any questions next week after the Michigan State vs. Michigan game, send them. and put in the subject line: MSU Q/A

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