Spartan Nation Mailbag: NFL Draft Prospects, Mel Tucker, & More

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State football.
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Hondo, I ask again, do you think all of the players leaving is complete? MH Laingsburg, MI

I answer again, no, I do not. I expect some players to leave after spring ball as well.

Hondo, do you like what Mel Tucker is doing through the transfer portal? Alexander M.

I do. Mel Tucker is filling needs, and that is always good, but you sustain in recruiting.

What Mel Tucker is doing is a good stopgap.

Hondo, Mark Dantonio always said that the transfer portal relies on teams that aren't solid. What does the current state of MSU football and all the transfer portal recruits mean? Carol Richardson

I never heard Mark Dantonio say those exact words, and I was around him the entire time in East Lansing. But what does it say? He left Michigan State in a position that wasn't solid.

Hondo, do you like the NFL Draft prospects for Antjuan Simmons and Shakur Brown? Matt Johnson

I think MSU has three guys who have a chance. I think long-term Antjuan Simmons and Shakur Brown have the easiest path. But, don't forget Naquan Jones. If he can get in the right situation, he can play in the league, but he has to find the right place.

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