Spartan Nation Mailbag: Tom Izzo, Doug Wojcik, and the Transfer Portal

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State basketball.
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Here at Sports Illustrated's Spartan Nation, we endeavor to be one of the fans' most interactive sites. With that in mind, we present your weekly Michigan State Basketball Questions and email.

Hondo, how big was the loss of Dane Fife? I fear we just lost our next coach. Scott Grier

Dane is a friend of mine, as is Tom Izzo. Dane did what was best for him and his family. At the same time, I think it was perfect for Michigan State. Fife was NOT going to be the next coach at Michigan State.

That was not in the works, and Izzo had kept in place the same staff for a long time. It was time for a change.

Hondo, I heard you on a radio show say that you thought Michigan State and Tom Izzo could lose two more players to the portal.

Why are so many leaving? Cathy W.

Because Michigan State has a load of talent coming in, and some guys are looking and seeing that they can't play as much here with what is coming in.

Others, I think Izzo and Michigan State experimented with, and it didn't work. I am not concerned in this modern era with losing players, the door swings both ways, and they have people coming in.

Hondo, I love Tom Izzo, but I think he has lost touch with the millennials. Do you think it is a case of a coach staying too long? Meghan Lucero

No, I have gotten emails like this for years, and each time I laugh at the preposterous thought.

Hondo, Tom Izzo didn't do a national search for an assistant to replace Dane Fife. Does that look lazy to you? Bob Green

Doug Wojcik is a friend of mine, a fantastic coach and person. Wojcik had waited at the recruiting director position and done a tremendous job. Izzo didn't need to look; he had a superior option, the best option already in the building. It had nothing to do with being lazy; it had everything to do with being prepared.

Hondo, talk me off the ledge. Losing Thomas Kithier hurts real bad, brother. Kyle Coulter

Losing Thomas hurt. Wonderful kid, terrific family, and a hard worker. He is not a center; he is a forward. Izzo had to play him at center, and he kept his mouth shut and did his best.

There is some real talent coming in, but this one, in my opinion, is going to bite Michigan State in the rear end.

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