WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Matt Haarms has taken some shots lately after leaving Purdue, even from the most die-hard of Boilermakers fans, but he was ready to fire back on Friday during a lengthy Titus & Tate podcast.

— Haarms on being hated so much by opposing fans, especially Indiana: 

"Do I have a message for the haters? There's been a lot of them through the years. I could be sitting here like Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech and call them all out. I know that they're just like me, they are just people that love the game of basketball and they're passionate about their school. 

"All I have to say is 7-0 to Indiana. That's trash talk,'' Haarms said in the podcast. (Note: He joins the podcast at the 47-minute mark.)  It's all a game in the end, so we're just having fun with it. even though I'm just super passionate about it. We did well against you guys.''

— Haarms on his  time with Matt Painter

"Right, I had a phenomenal time at Purdue, and I don't want anyone to think any differently. I greatly respect for Coach Painter, and I greatly respect the staff and all the players. In the end, my decision came down to doing what was right for me personally, but I still have great respect for them. I spent the best years of my life there. I have great respect for the state and all the fans. 

"I've got some good feedback, and some bad feedback, too, sadly, but I still greatly respect all those people that have helped me throughout the years at Purdue.''

— Haarms on the transfer portal

"I called Coach Painter and talked about it, and said I was leaving. I never got to see the transfer portal. I called compliance and  they sent me an email and that was it. I got texts from a couple of media people right away, and they told me to turn my phone off because it was going to be crazy. I had like 50 people calling me. I couldn't tell you who was first, but BYU was up there right away.''