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Buddy Boeheim Gets Cereal Endorsement Deal

Buddy even has a commercial to promote Three Wishes Cereal.

Buddy Boeheim continues to make NIL history. Boeheim is endorsing Three Wishes Cereal, which is described as a high protein, low sugar, grain free cereal option. The cereal even has a limited edition Buddy Box as part of the promotion. You can watch the commercial below. It is the first traditional ad campaign featuring a college athlete, according to Business of College Sports. Buddy was also the first athlete to sell his own merchandise with the school trademarked logo. 

According to AdWeek, the co-founder of Three Wishes, Ian Wishingrad, had worked with Juli Boeheim in the past and connected through that relationship. Wishingrad is a 2008 Syracuse graduate. 

“This spot is full circle for me,” Wishingrad said via Adweek. “Back when I was a senior at Syracuse, I created a line of t-shirts based on a student athlete’s name as a pun and was sent a cease and desist from the university based on these NIL laws. I was petrified, but ended up using it in my book to land my first agency job. Right when we heard the ban was lifted for NCAA athletes, I knew I had to get back up to Syracuse for a shoot. Buddy couldn’t have been a better partner for this, and we’re excited to see the spot go live.”

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The ad is going to run on television in the Syracuse market, as well as social media platforms. 

"Since these types of sponsorships are brand new to NCAA players, this opportunity actually came through my mom rather than an agent, as we’re all beginning to navigate what that will look like moving forward,” Buddy Boeheim said via Adweek. “She worked with the co-founder of Three Wishes, Ian Wishingrad, years prior, who reached out about his cereal brand. After trying the cereal, I loved it—and Ian’s a Syracuse alum. It just felt right for my first advertisement and it came out great.”