Midfielders in the Class of 2022 Grow With the Addition of Coco Vandiver

Vandiver is from Baltimore, Maryland, and she plays for C2 Select

Vandiver said that there were two main components that drew her towards Syracuse University: the size of the school and the atmosphere. By atmosphere, she means the high level of pride that is felt all throughout Orange Nation. Vandiver is used to this high level of school spirit because her father went to Auburn, a big rah-rah school.

"Everyone who's an Auburn fan is a fan for life...that's something I was really looking for," Vandiver said. 

While the success of the Syracuse Women's Lacrosse team is what drew Vandiver in, it was the high praise she heard about Gary Gait from her head travel coach, Courtney Connor, that made her stay.

"My club coach [Connor] spoke very highly about Gary Gait, and I trust her a lot," Vandiver said. "When she [Connor] gave me that stamp of approval, I knew I would like how they [the Syracuse coaches] coach."

While Vandiver is a midfielder, she says some of her major strengths lie on the defensive end of the ball. She considers herself to be more of a defensive midfielder. 

"One of my strengths is being able to...intercept the ball and knowing where the ball is going to be, tracking it very well," Vandiver said. "And then being able to move the ball in transition and get it up the field." 

As far as who to thank, there is one person Vandiver turns to: Courtney Connor.

"I've looked up to her forever and she has helped me through everything with lacrosse," Vandiver said. "She really has made me into the player that I am."