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Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Commits Attacker Ryann Banks

Ryann's father Liam was a 2x All-American at Syracuse

Syracuse Women's Lacrosse picked up another attacker in Ryann Banks. Banks goes to McIntosh High School and plays for Big 4 HHH. 

When asked "Why Syracuse?" Banks brings a very unique perspective with her answer.

"Well one of the questions my family goes through in the recruiting process is 'If I blew out my knee freshman year, which school would I feel the most comfortable at?," Banks said. 

In essence, Banks is thinking outside of lacrosse, which school she would truly want to live out her collegiate years at the most, a smart and mature way of thinking from someone her age. 

"Syracuse was my option for that just because the atmosphere was so great...we grew up there and it just feels like home to me when I'm there," Banks said. 

Banks said that she was drawn to play for Syracuse because of the team and the coaches. 

On the team, she said: "Just by watching the team and talking to some of the, they just love the game and love each other and I just love the way they play together." 

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On Gary Gait: "What he does that I like that other schools don't do is that he doesn't try and change the way you play he just enhances the way you play." 

Banks says that one of her biggest strengths is her mentality 

"I bring an overall good energy...I want to bring a positive vibe to the team," Banks said.

The people that Banks has to thank the most are her family, including her mom, her nana, her aunt Caitlin, and her dad.

Ryann's Dad, Liam Banks, was a 2X All-American on the Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team. Ryann said that her Dad has been a tremendous part of her success in her lacrosse career.

"My Dad is just the reason why this all worked out for me," Banks said. "When people think of the last name, they think of my dad and I'd like to live on that legacy as his daughter and just be the best I can be out there. He really sacrificed everything to get me to where I am now," Banks said. 

She isn't kidding. The Banks family lives in Georgia, but her club team is based out of Pennsylvania. Banks would spend her summers in Pennsylvania with relatives to limit the travel. Her father would drive over 10 hours on weekends to watch Ryann play in her club games, and the  drive 10 hours back. 

Banks also gives thanks to her club coaches Coleen Magarity and Kasey Mock, as well as her trainer Lily Abdelmalek who each played an important role in her recruiting process.