US Lacrosse to Host Webinar Series: She Competes

Samantha Croston

On September 10th, US Lacrosse announced a new virtual series called "She Competes" that will launch later in the month. According to US Lacrosse, the six-part series has the aim of exploring "...some of the issues that impact young girls and women in sports, both as athletes and members of the sports industry." 

Two notable Syracuse Women's Lacrosse alumni, Liz Hogan and Kayla Treanor, have been asked to be presenters. Both players have a wide influence and large following, namely because they are players on the U.S. Women's National Team. 

Hogan was a standout goalie at Syracuse who graduated in 2011. She is still Syracuse's all-time leader in saves (654) and ground balls (179). Hogan was named to the US National Team in the 2015-16 season. In the upcoming web series, she will be a panelist for the webinar titled "Keys to Confidence for Female Athletes." That webinar will go live on Monday, September 28 at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. From my own experience as a female athlete and goalie, I can attest to the fact that it is an extremely difficult task to always maintain your composure during high-pressure situations. Yet somehow, it seems that Hogan has mastered the art of remaining calm and appearing confident. Even outside of the pipes, Hogan has always been fearless and often speaks out on her Instagram about social issues that are important to her. Now, we get to take a more in-depth look into her mindset as a long-time goalie and member of the lacrosse community. 

Hogan 1

Treanor was also undoubtedly one of the most successful Syracuse Women's Lacrosse athletes to graduate from the school, being named as a Tewaaraton Award finalist at Syracuse her sophomore, junior, and senior year. Treanor also joined the U.S. National Team during the 2015-2016 season, and she has been asked to join the web series as a panelist as well. Treanor will be taking part in the webinar titled "Diversity and Inclusion: Game Changers" that will go live on Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 6 P.M. The webinar Treanor is taking part in will close out the entire series. Diversity and Inclusion is arguably one of the most difficult topics to talk about, but it remains one of the most important. Tune in to the webinar to hear Treanor talk about how she identifies with these concepts and find out what role diversity and inclusion has played in her life. 

Treanor 1

"She Competes" will be a great platform for some of the top athletes in the world to discuss relevant topics in athletics that impact female athletes both on and off the field. In a time when the pandemic has forced many sporting events to cease and stripped fans of the pleasure of watching in-person games, the webinar series will be a needed reminder of the ways that sports continuously brings us together. 

"She Competes" is a three day event running from September 28-30 with two sessions each day. The topics covered will be wide-ranging, from confidence and leadership, to diversity and inclusion. 

The series is free of charge but does require anyone who is interested to register. Additional details and registration links can be found here. 

According to US Lacrosse, the schedule for the online webinars are as follows: 

Monday, Sept. 28 • 4 p.m. (Eastern)
The Future is Female
Moderator: Erin Millon Brown (National Lacrosse Hall of Fame)
Panelists: Jessica Berman (National Lacrosse League), Kristen Kjellman Marshall (WePlayed), Alecia Ivery (Girls in the Game), Amy Scheer (National Women’s Hockey League)
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Monday, Sept. 28 • 6 p.m. (Eastern)
Keys to Confidence for Female Athletes
Moderator: Joan Powell, Collegiate Volleyball Officials Coordinator
Panelists: Megan Church (, Taylor Cummings (U.S. National Team), Liz Hogan (U.S. National Team), Dr. Tiff Jones (Mental Performance Consultant)
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Tuesday, Sept. 29 • 4 p.m. (Eastern)
Developing Women in Leadership
Moderator: Kristen Carr, U.S. National Lacrosse Team
Panelists: Jenny Levy (Head Coach, U.S. National Team), Karissa Niehoff (NFHS), Marci Robles (George Washington University Rowing), Kristen Wright (USA Hockey)
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Tuesday, Sept. 29 • 7 p.m. (Eastern)
Digital Media: Amplifying Women’s Sports
Moderator: Halley Griggs, Inside Lacrosse
Panelists: Haley Rosen (Just Women’s Sports), Lori Lindsey (US Soccer), Kristen Gowdy (Women's Sports Foundation)
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Wednesday, Sept. 30 • 4 p.m. (Eastern)
The Power of Sports
Moderator: Mira Shane, Harvard Women’s Lacrosse
Panelists: Tanyika Mobley (Sport Psychologist), Caitlin Barrett (Up2Us Sports), Sandra Serafina, (NASO), Heather Mannix (USA Hockey)
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Wednesday, Sept. 30 • 6 p.m. (Eastern)
Diversity & Inclusion: Game Changers
Moderator: Amari Pollard, Inside Lacrosse
Panelists: Jazmine Smith (Eyekonz Sports), Kayla Treanor (U.S. National Team), Tari Kandemiri (@OfficialLaxGirl), Noelle Lambert (U.S. Para Track & Field) 
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