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Alessandro Lorenzetti 'Definitely Interested' in Syracuse Football

Syracuse recently offered the Canadian offensive lineman.

Syracuse recently extended an offer to Canadian offensive lineman Alessandro Lorenzetti. Lorenzetti is currently attending Loomis Chaffe boarding school in Windsor (Conn.), and also holds offers from Eastern Michigan, Florida International, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Toledo and Virginia Tech. What type of player is Lorenzetti? What is his interest in Syracuse? What other players at Loomis Chaffe is Syracuse recruiting? We spoke to head coach Jeff Moore to find out.  

Q: Tell me about 2022 offensive lineman Alessandro Lorenzetti, who Syracuse offered recently?

"He's from Canada, from Quebec," Moore said. "This year was his first year here, so he came in as an 11th grader. We're a boarding school so we have about 730 kids and about 550 live in our dormitories. We have kids from like 40 countries and about 40 states. So it's pretty diverse. Our season was cancelled this year, all the prep schools were in New England. We were fortunate that we have enough kids we can do three intersquad scrimmages. We had that filmed. 

"He showed up probably about 285 (pounds). He moved really well at 285 and right about 6-5. We sort of had a goal with all of our linemen that we were going to slim them down a little bit. He's down to about 270, 275 right now. Moving incredibly well. Really good athlete. He has elite flexibility and elite athleticism for an offensive lineman. Still has room for improvement in the weight room and has good length but not like elite, elite. But his bend and athleticism are incredible. 

"Nice kid. Works really hard. Loves football. He's got tremendous upside value. From what I've seen, not many offensive linemen play as freshmen anyway. I think his biggest room for improvement is just getting in the weight room and adding the right weight.

"I think what's special about Alessandro is he can play all five spots along the offensive line. I think they're taking four or five guys on the offensive line, and the nice thing is he's sort of a combo guy. He's long enough and athletic enough to play on the outside, and he also has the ability to snap and play guard. He can play all five of those spots, which I think is pretty special." 

Q: What is Lorenzetti's interest in Syracuse?

"I think he's definitely interested," Moore said. "He's a smart kid. We're ranked 13th in the country academically. I think him and his parents, their goal is to be able to play power five football at a school that has really strong academics. Obviously, Syracuse checks off both those boxes for them. Next week we're sitting down and going over what their plan is for the summer. The tough thing is since they're from Canada, they're probably only going to get like one shot in the US this summer. I don't know exactly what the deal is, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're in the US for 10-12 days and visit like five to seven schools or so." 

Q: Who else from your program is Syracuse recruiting?

"They just offered the Smith twins (Jerod and Jacob)," Moore said. "Our two 2024 d-linemen. And then Dante Reno, who's our new 2024 quarterback. They're going to offer Olaus Alinen as well. The Smith twins already have Boston College, UVA, Arizona, they have Ole Miss as well. 

"Dante Reno already has Purdue, Vanderbilt, Iowa, West Virginia, UMass, I'm probably missing someone but he's got six or seven offers. He's got an elite level arm. He's already 6-2, 215. I think what's really impressive is he has the ability to throw from multiple arm slots. I'm not saying he's Patrick Mahomes, but when you look at those guys, guys that have the ability to throw from multiple arm slots that's becoming a little more desirable now among high level programs. He has a major arm. I think him, Olaus, those two especially have legit possibilites to be high school All Americans. The Smith twins, if they keep developing, they may have a shot as well. 

"I've been here for two years. I was at St. Thomas More before. So was Anthony Red's head coach as well, who's at Syracuse right now. I've had two high school All Americans in the past two years. One's at Penn State, one's at Clemson. I think Olaus and Dante, if they can keep progressing the way they are, I think they'll have real chances to be in the mix."