McCantos Says Syracuse is Showing the Most Love

Michael McAllister

Class of 2022 Miami (FL) Edison defensive back Elijah McCantos already has offers from the ACC, Big-12 and SEC. One of the schools after him from the ACC is Syracuse, led by lead recruiter Nick Monroe and Director of High School Relations Ryan Bartow. 

"Coach Nick, swag daddy," McCantos said. "Coach Ryan (Bartow). Both of them show love every day. Every week they're texting, calling me, everything, checking up on me and all that. Sometimes I call them out of the blue after practice to check up on them and show love to them too."

His relationship with coach Monroe is a strong one. 

"Bro, that's a cool dude," McCantos said. "He's cool as heck. When I first seen him was my sophomore year going to my junior year. He came to the school to see me, but I wasn't there. I was doing some after school program. I came to practice late, so my coach was like coach Nick was here for you and just left. 

"I was sad so I went outside and I was trying to meditate and everything. In the parking lot, I just end up seeing coach Nick. He asked if I was Elijah and I said yeah. He just says the funniest stuff ever. I was just laughing at it. He's a cool, cool dude."

McCantos has taken notice of Syracuse's strong play from their defensive backs in recent years, including All-American safety Andre Cisco. 

"That's a good thing," McCantos said. "At the same time, it gave me the mindset to be better than that person. For existence, Andre Cisco has 14 interceptions right now. Now that takes me to the mindset to get 15 interceptions... That gets me in the mindset to do better than him."

At this point in his recruitment, McCantos is high on Syracuse.

"All it is right now is just love," McCantos said. "Love takes you far. I just sit back and watch how it is and how it's going. If I see it, most love to me, I just go to it. Syracuse is showing me the most love right now."

Besides Syracuse, McCantos says Miami, Arizona State, Toledo and Kansas State are recruiting him hard right now. 

McCantos talks about about his recruitment and developing his game in the video at the top of the page.