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Peter Carey Schedules Syracuse Official Visit

The class of 2022 big will be back on the Orange campus.

Class of 2022 Sunderland (MA) Northfield Mount Hermon center Peter Carey will take an official visit to Syracuse basketball the weekend of September 24th, he told Carey was offered by Syracuse in July, his second high major scholarship opportunity (Rutgers). He also visited for Elite Camp last month. 


New York Lightning coach Jesse Shapiro says he has blossomed over the last few months.


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"Peter's a good kid," Shapiro said. "He could've easily gone off and played with EYBL team after about a month and a half ago. He just stuck with the process. It all started with New England Jam Fest in late May. A lot of sneaker teams were there and he just went off. Doing stuff he's never done before. I think it comes with mental toughness and trusting the process. Being at Northfield is huge for anybody doing what he's doing. Like I said, we beat two sneaker teams to win the whole thing. He dominated a top 60 kid. That's really when it all started. The following weekend, we went down to Boo Williams for Southern Jam Fest by Hoop Group. There were so many media outlets there and coaches and important people. He did it again, three straight games. Boo Williams is a legend in my eyes. He's been doing this the longest. He pointed him out to some people. Some people are still in this for the right reasons. We played Team Takeover and Keith Stevens. They whooped us pretty good but even he said after the game, 'you have a high major kid on your hands.' 

"The more he plays the better he gets, and it just kept happening for him. A few mid-majors offered. The Director of New York Lightning, Shandue McNeill, is good friends with one of the assistant coaches at Syracuse, so he mentioned it to him. They've been on him ever since. Coach Autry's the man and they really like what he has the capabilities of doing down the road. He's not there yet offensively, but you're getting an immediate impact player on the defensive end of the floor. Somebody who can rim run with the best of them. He's really picking it up.“