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Syracuse Basketball's 2021-22 Roster After Jimmy Boeheim's Commitment

An updated look at the Orange's roster for next season.

Syracuse basketball added a key piece on Friday when Jimmy Boeheim announced his commitment to the Orange. With his addition, here is an updated look at Syracuse's roster for the 2021-22 season. 

Guards: Joe Girard, Buddy Boeheim, Symir Torrence, Chaz Owens
Forwards: Cole Swider, Benny Williams, Jimmy Boeheim
Center: Bourama Sidibe, Jesse Edwards, Frank Anselem


Frank Anselem: Anselem has not announced his decision either way, nor has he entered the transfer portal to date. If he is indeed returning, there may not be a need to make a formal announcement. Of course it is possible he is still weighing his options. The Syracuse coaching staff is high on Anselem's potential, but he may want an opportunity for a larger role next season. That said, the transfer portal is packed with 1,400 players and there could be concern about getting lost if he were to enter. 

Quincy Guerrier: Guerrier is currently testing the NBA Draft waters but has not hired an agent. Depending on the feedback he receives, Guerrier could return or elect to turn pro. Head coach Jim Boeheim said during the season that he thought Guerrier has tremendous potential and could become an All-American caliber player. 

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The rotation will depend on Guerrier's decision, but let's take a look at the roster as it currently stands. The guard rotation is pretty straight forward. The expectation is that Buddy Boeheim and Joe Girard will start with Symir Torrence as the third guard. That is similar to the rotation from last season, with Torrence taking Kadary Richmond's role. 

At forward, Syracuse has some options here with Jimmy Boeheim on board. Syracuse could start any two of Boeheim, Cole Swider and Benny Williams. The third will come off the bench and could spell either of the other two. Any two of those players can play together and Syracuse could elect to go small by playing all three with one in the middle. There is no question that all three will see significant minutes. 

The center spot is intriguing. Could Jesse Edwards earn the starting spot over a healthy Sidibe? It is possible depending on how Edwards develops this offseason. Both will play, and Anselem adds solid depth as well. 

That is eight players in the regular rotation with the potential for nine if Guerrier comes back.