Syracuse Battling Pac-12, ACC for 2022 Guard

Quadir Copeland updates his recruitment.
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Class of 2022 guard Quadir Copeland, originally from Pennsylvania but now at Life Center Academy in New Jersey, has seen his recruitment really ramp up over the last year to year and a half. He has picked up several offers as more programs become aware of his skill. In his junior season, Copeland is showing off some of that as his team adjusts to new pieces. 

"We're an all new team," Copeland said. "So it's still going slow. Not real slow, but we're still getting to know each other and learn each other's game. I think right now we're 8-6. We're a high school and we're playing against all prep schools. Definitely no excuses, but we're still getting used to each other. Still learning. It's like a whole new team. But the season is good. I love all my teammates and we definitely have some good players. We just have to learn to put it all together. 

"I'm averaging 17 points, I don't know my rebounding or anything but I'm definitely averaging like 17 points per game. I've been shooting it better than I was last year." 

One of the schools who is recruiting Copeland the hardest is Syracuse. The 6-6 guard says he speaks with the Orange coaches on a regular basis. 

"Coach Boeheim actually texted me like two weeks ago," Copeland said. "Just checking in on me and making sure I'm doing good. I talk to G-Mac all the time. That's really my guy over there. He stays on top of me, always asking how my season's going, doing what he has to do to recruit me." 

The relationship between Copeland and McNamara is a strong one. 

"G-Mac is definitely a coach and he always helps me with my game," Copeland said. "But there's definitely a bond there. It's not just one of those coaches that's like 'how's your game going? How many points did you have?' He's always checking on me and making sure my family's good. We have regular conversations just like what's your favorite ice cream? Little stuff like that. He's a real genuine person. He's not just trying to recruit me he's also trying to get to know me as a person. He treats me not like a prospect but like I'm a human being." 

The Keystone State product also thinks highly of Syracuse's head coach.

"Coach Boeheim, he's a great guy," Copeland said. "He's older so he definitely has words of wisdom. When he texts me, I don't care if it's long, you got to take the time to read it. He has so many words of wisdom for me. Always keeping me on top of my game, making sure I'm doing good." 

Syracuse is not the only school pushing hard for the long, athletic guard. Copeland says Oregon, LaSalle and Miami are all pursuing while Villanova, which has not offered, is also in touch. 

"With Oregon, it's this group chat thing where they're always staying on top of me too," Copeland said. "Definitely great facilities, great everything over there. It's the same just like G-Mac. It's not like I'm just a recruit or a prospect for them. They treat me like a regular human being. They check up on me and see how my day is going. It's not just always about recruiting me hard. We talk about regular stuff. I can sit there and have a regular conversation with them just like I can with Syracuse. That's why I love it over there too." 

Copeland said he is not close to a decision as his recruitment ramps up. He is still taking all of the attention in stride, letting the recruiting process play out and focused on developing as a player.