Cade Mays: What Are The Vols Getting?

Cory Sanning

Tennessee is getting some additional reinforcing on its offensive line.

Former Georgia offensive lineman Cade Mays, brother of UT commit Cooper Mays, entered his name in the transfer portal early today is reportedly in his way to joining the Vols.

Given the news, we reached out to Brooks Austin, Bulldog Maven’s editor-in-chief and senior reporter, for a quick Q&A: 

1. What are Tennessee fans getting in Cade Mays?

Brooks Austin: A really large, physical football player that plays the game with as much energy and effort as any linemen you'll find in the college game. He's not looking to do anything on the football field other than hurt people. And apart from the energy and physicality that you'll be getting, you're getting a guy that can play all five positions across the front, and play them at a starting level in the SEC.

2. In what area(s) do you feel he needs to improve the most to help the Vols?

BA: The easy one's are things like becoming being a better bender, playing with better pad level, deliver combination blocks better, but it's all minor stuff. Cade's got the one thing you need to be a great offensive lineman and that's a mean streak. Also, I doubt he's going to be playing tackle up there at Tennessee, so it shouldn't be an issue. He took a lot of heat from the UGA fan base for his play at tackle, but I thought he held his own when left out on the edge, but if he's going to play in the NFL it's at guard.

3. Given his brother Cooper’s commitment to UT earlier in the year, did this come as a surprise in Athens?

BA: You combine that with the fact that his dad played there and he basically grew up in in the parking lot of Neyland stadium, and no it doesn't surprise me. I also have heard from several people that he wasn't exactly happy that Georgia never offered his younger brother. Though, this wasn't something that anyone was saying was going to happen, at least not that I'm aware of. So, from that perspective absolutely it was a shock.

4. While it was a short-lived one, what do you feel will be Mays’ legacy at Georgia?

BA: I obviously can't speak for others, but I know personally I will remember him for the physicality that he played with. But, I think now he's going to be remembered for this and only this in the fan circles of Georgia. This story and this transfer will be the only thing connected to Cade Mays, just like Justin Fields will always be linked to the Georgia program for the transfer, not the 12 games he played in as a true freshman.