Versatile Vols Freshman Getting Reps at New Position

Matthew Ray

Dee Beckwith was recruited to Tennessee as a 'swiss army knife' prospect because of his versatility and ability to impact the game from multiple positions. However, nobody really expected to see him lineup at running back, but he is getting reps there now.

Tennessee's numbers at practice have been decimated by contract tracing, which led to Beckwith getting a look at running back. Only time will tell if he will stick there, but Jay Graham offered up some insight on him yesterday.

"Dee has done a really good job. In high school, he did some wildcat and some things, so he had an understanding of it. When he first moved over, it hadn’t been long, but I tried to stick with what he does naturally and adjust from there. I think he’s done well with it," Graham told reporters during a Zoom call yesterday.

With any position change, there is usually a learning curve, and Beckwith's move was no different. Graham said, "There’s been some times where we had to get him in position, and I had to yell some things at him just as far as technique goes, but I think he’s done a really good job so far there. For a taller guy, he has the athleticism to do it and to play the position, so he’s been a really big help for us.”

Beckwith, ultimately, chose Tennessee over Florida during the 2020 recruiting cycle, and now he just has to find his niche on Rocky Top. He has already received work at tight end, receiver, and running back this fall. His high school background could see him have some success carrying the ball, given his experience as a wildcat quarterback.

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