Edge Rusher Byron Young Drawing High Praise Early On in Spring Practice

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Coming out of the junior college ranks, Byron Young was one of the most coveted edge rusher prospects in the country. Since arriving at Tennessee as an early enrollee in January, Young has consistently turned heads.

Over the past week, he has received high praise from his coach and peers alike. Last week, during a media availability, Tyler Baron sang Young's praises. Over the past two days, Rodney Garner and Cade Mays both had plenty to say about Young's performance so far this spring.

"In terms of Byron Young, you won't see many more people gifted more than he is, just by God," Baron said of Young last week. "Byron, he comes to work every single day. I can't even speak to it."

Garner echoed the sentiments about Young coming to work every day.

"BY has definitely continued to improve and get better," Garner said on Tuesday evening. "He takes coaching. He works on the little things that we point out in the film sessions. Right now, he is a guy that is trending upwards.

Young's upward trend is in large part due to his attention to detail, according to Garner. "A young guy would probably be (Bryon Young). You just see him hang on to every single thing that you say. He takes it from the film room to the field and tries to correct it."

Today, Cade Mays, arguably Tennessee's top offensive lineman discussed Young with the media as well.

"I have been playing on the edge quite a bit, and the new guy, Byron Young, he has done a really good job. He comes to practice every day with the right mentality, a lot of juice, and just is a guy who has got here. He is playing football the right way and is taking coaching the right way. I see him take a lot of coaching and he is taking all of that in and he is going to be a very special player here one day."