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Tennessee honed in on wideout Jalin Hyatt during the summer months of 2019, and he became a pivotal part of the 2020 class for the Vols. Hyatt, a receiver with game-breaking speed, was a major recruiter behind the scenes, and he helped hold the 2020 class together. If you have followed recruiting at all, you know that Hyatt is known for his speed and ability to run after the catch. However, if you do not know about Hyatt off the field, we have you covered in this question and answer with the four-star from Dutchfork (SC).

Question- What is your favorite food?

Jalin's answer- I have to go with burgers!

Question- What is your favorite video game?

Jalin's answer- Usually 2k but not this year, so I guess I have to go with Madden.

Question- Who is your sports role model?

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Jalin's answer- Odell Beckham Jr.

Question- What is your favorite movie?

Jalin's answer- That’s a hard one! But I have to go with Batman begins

Question- What is your favorite weight room lift?

Jalin's answer- Power cleans

Question- What should people know about Jalin Hyatt?

Jalin's answer- What people should know about me is I will give my all to Tennessee! And we will be considered one of the best teams in the country!