Harrison Bailey Discusses Manning Passing Academy Experience

Tennessee Vols Quarterback Harrison Bailey discusses his time at the Manning Passing Academy
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For over 25 years, the Manning Passing Academy has been the home to thousands of campers looking to better themselves in the game of football. Each year, the camp is home to college camp counselors, and this year, second-year, Tennessee quarterback Harrison Bailey was a camp counselor. During a brief media availability today, Bailey discussed his time in New Orleans at the event. 

"It was a really good experience down in Louisiana," Bailey said. "Of course, it was really hot, but Peyton and Eli, just being around them, they really taught me a lot of things just about how to carry yourself in a professional way. It really helped me become a professional leader when I was down there. There was a few things I picked up from them. It was a great experience, though." 

Now that he is back at Tennessee, Bailey is already applying those lessons and working to lead and build stronger bonds with his teammates, most recently his offensive line.


"I really haven't had that much time back since I have went, but I have a had a week to be more encouraging to the guys and building relationships like that," Bailey added. 

Bailey is firmly entrenched in a battle for the starting quarterback spot, and it is something he is embracing at this time.

"It has been good," Bailey said of the competition. "All of the guys are working hard and competing, and we are all making each other better. It has definitely been different compared to last because we have all been competing and working." 

video via Jake Nichols