Look: Photos From Tennessee's Thursday Practice

Matthew Ray

Below you can view the photo gallery from Tennessee's Thursday Practice:

All photos are credited to Tennessee Athletics Communications

Jeremy Pruitt had this to say about Tennessee's football on Thursday evening:

“We had an opportunity Tuesday to go out there and get a lot of specialty situations going and it felt like with the number of guys we had back we had some really good work. Today we went back, kind of approached it a little bit like game week and started working some on South Carolina. A lot of special teams. We had a lot of guys out, so doing special teams is obviously got to be a premium for us with the guys that have had to bump around. We got in some good work today. It seemed like we had a lot of juice out there, so that was good to see. We got a lot of guys back. This is the most guys we’ve had on the practice field since the third practice of camp. It’s good to see guys out there. We got a lot of guys that got to get a lot of work in the next nine days, and they’ve got to put in time to do it. But, it was two good practices in a row.”

Pruitt also offered an update on the Cade Mays situation:

“Today we heard back from the NCAA – they approved Cade’s appeal. This has always been a two-step process. The next thing is the SEC. It’s good that our governing body decided to allow him to play. Now, we go to the SEC. I have not really had a chance to talk to (Commissioner) Greg (Sankey) much about it. I know this – in this whole thing from this pandemic, Greg Sankey has done a great job from a leadership standpoint with everybody within the conference and his No. 1 thing has always been the protection of the players and putting our student-athletes first. I have a lot of confidence in the outcome."

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